Does Facebook Deserve A Dislike?

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Social media has been on my mind of late, partly because I use it for my work and also partly because I have seen the nastier side of it recently which inspired my last post on trolls. I was recently talking with The Baron about Facebook and its sad demise and we both seem to be on the same page. Have you noticed it’s no longer like the good old days? Facebook

When I say demise, I don’t mean that users are turning their back on it. In fact a report on CNBC recently mentioned that user numbers were growing above expectations. What I am talking about is the fact Facebook seems to have moved away from being a fun and user-friendly way to interact with friends, family and like-minded user groups and seems to have turned into a platform for sharing junk. It feels like the new Buzzfeed. We have a Buzzfeed though, we don’t need another one.

Every time I open my news feed (and I still do, I haven’t deserted just yet) I see a slew of posts from The Poke, Unilad and helloU. Sure they are funny – who doesn’t like a dog meme? However between the jokes, the news stories and the adverts the personal posts seem few and far between. If they’re there, they are lost in all the general junk.

Facebook used to be a way of keeping up to date with friends. As someone who has lived overseas and away from friends and family for a long while, it was a great way to keep in touch and share what was going on. I would see pictures of a night out, new babies or parties and feel like I hadn’t missed out. I could share my new experiences and friends could interact and ask questions. It was at one time, the ultimate social network.

I don’t know when things started to change but now I feel like I open Facebook and it’s just filled with spammy junk. There are other places to find junk; I don’t want it on Facebook. Maybe it’s just a sign of the times and that’s what the trendy youngsters want these days? Maybe I have just gotten old and I’m not the target demographic anymore? I am now ticking the 35 – 40 age group on forms after all.

I just feel Facebook has lost its way. I also don’t like the way Facebook seems to select what it feels I want to see. I have found friends who have been hidden. Why do that? I certainly haven’t done that! I know that settings need to be changed and things update but please, if you’re listening Facebook, don’t make it so hard for us. The people that go missing are sometimes people I actually want to interact with, the ones that aren’t spreading the animal memes.

I guess we’ll see where it goes from here. I am still there and we still have a BBTV page. I haven’t given up; I just miss the good old days – the days when Facebook was actually personal.



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